Monday, October 29, 2012

My Loves

Fat baby hands, chubby cheeks, cankles (baby girls'...not mine!!), girlie giggles, colorful leaves, conversations with sweet people, pretend play, cat creature crim, cywoties, sweet sound of my little ladies singing,  baby smell, tv time with my jake, quiet God time, back porch in the evenings, hot herbal tea with honey, phone therapy with special loves, being outside, kraut and weenies, bear hugs, ugamugas, sweet kisses, talks with dear friends and family, holding hands, butterflies on my flowers, pumpkin bread, glass bottle cheerwine, princess dress up, long drives with my jake, baby girl whistling, piano music, beach sunrises, mountains in the fall ....just a few of the things that make me smile. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a taste of what God has planned in Heaven.

1 comment:

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